About Us

Health Watchers is a diet consultation center which provides a complete nutritional plan that will help you modify your standard eating habits and set clear goals for healthy lifestyle changes.

We, the dietitians, establish for each client individually a personalized diet for weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance or simply to help them plan their meals, make smart choices about their food and suppress their cravings and we make sure they will remain both healthy and slim after working their way through our successful diet program, furthermore our regular follow up sessions will help them avoid those disappointing weight loss-weight gain cycles.

We also have highly specialized diets for therapeutic patients (for diabetes, dyslipidemia, uremia, hypertension…) to make sure these patients are losing weight properly while maintaining their health profile.

Our food in general is low in fat, salt and sugar, it’s well balanced and rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers in order to meet our body’s needs. The meals are modified in order to be lower in calories and fat while maintaining at the same time a great taste, texture and presentation.

We offer a wide variety of oriental and occidental dishes and we constantly introduce new meals, sandwiches, salads and desserts to our diversified menu. The customers are given the liberty to choose their own customized menu, which will help them get motivated and prevent them from entering a “food routine” stage.

The quality and quantity of the food are being monitored at all time; all the meals are prepared under our constant supervision; every single dish is weighed and portioned according to each customer’s own personalized diet plan.

So if you’re you fed up and tired of conventional methods that promote weight loss,if your body’s craving for Natural, Healthy and Luscious food and if your mind’s ready to squeeze the most out of life and aid your body to get in a better shape….Embark on a fascinating trip with HEALTH WATCHERS the diet center that brings joy back to your body and soul.

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