How does your program work?

According to each customer’s height, current weight, age, muscle mass and medical history, we set a goal weight and establish an individualized diet plan according to it, then the customers are given the liberty to choose their own customized menu, thing which will help them get motivated and prevent them from entering a “food routine” stage. Afterwards we schedule a bimonthly follow up session to monitor the progress and make sure everything is working out as planned.

Does your program include Vegetarian and Vegan choices?

Our program does offer vegetarian and vegan options

Do you change your menu every frequently?

Our menu is updated weekly. New dishes, salads, sandwiches and desserts are constantly introduced to the menu. We have a wide selection of multinational food in order to please all tastes and ages (Italian, French, Mediterranean, Mexican, Arabic, Indian, Far Eastern…)

Are there any extra charges for consultation and follow up sessions?

The consultation and follow up sessions are free of charge; a onetime 15BHD charge is applied for registration (opening a new file).

What’s the approximate weight loss expected in a month?

Every person’s body reacts differently to the diet, some people lose much more than others but the approximate weight loss expected in a month is 4 to 5 Kg

Is it ok to drink soft drinks while being on your program?

Having diet soft drinks in addition to the meals we provide does not mess up the balance of the diet seeing that they contain a minimal amount of Calories, however it’s recommended to consume diet Sodas in moderation for health reasons.

Will you perform any body composition analysis?

We have a very sophisticated and precise body composition analyzer (The Inbody 720) which gives detailed measures: muscle, water, fat and mineral mass in addition to segmental lean analysis, anthropometry, waist to hip ratio, visceral fat area, body balance, body strength, health diagnosis, basal metabolic rate and target weight along with a sheet providing an explanation for each point separately

Any charges for that test?

There’s a 10BHD charge for the Body Analyzer, it includes 3 analyses, once a month each.

Is there any age limit for being on Health Watchers?

Our program suits all age groups: Our food in general is low in fat, salt and sugar, it’s well balanced and rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers in order to meet our body’s needs. The meals are just modified in order to be lower in Calories and fat while maintaining at the same time a great taste, texture and presentation. Therefore anyone could join our program: kids, teenagers, adults, lactating and pregnant women, elderlies… What we do is: emphasize on each person’s needs and provide them with the right nutrients and quantities for an optimal health.

How do we maintain the weight after stopping Health Watchers?

We offer weight maintenance consultations and counseling in order to help our clients maintain the weight reached

How do we preserve food at home?

The food is preserved in chiller vans during delivery where the temperature ranges between four and eight degrees Celsius, it then has to be placed immediately in the fridge once the customer receives it.

Is it necessary to meet with the dietitian in order to join your food program?

The dietitian needs to meet with each client individually in order to be able to assess them properly and to give them the suitable diet plan for them. Many factors are taken into consideration before preparing someone’s menu, factors which can only be discussed during one-on-one sessions with the dietitian.

Do you use halal meat in your food?

All meats are 100% Halal meats, prepared according to the Islamic law

Do you use any weight loss medicines or herbs in your food?

All our meals are 100% natural with no additives whatsoever. Our food is based on a low fat, low Calorie, low Sodium diet. Portion and quality control are the keys to our successful diet plans.

Do you have any other branches in Bahrain or in the GCC?

We have a branch in Lebanon.


How food is delivered, one time or all meals delivered separately?

Food is delivered every day before lunch.

Do you deliver anywhere is Bahrain.?

Yes we deliver your food anywhere in Bahrain.

What time food will be delivered?

Food will be delivered anytime between 09:00 am to 13:00 pm depending on your location.

What are your prices?

One Month diet food subscription will cost you BD-250/- and two weeks BD-125/-.

Can we pay through credit card or online?

Yes we accept all credit cards and you can make payments online as well.

Can we pay to the delivery person?

Yes you can pay to the delivery person also and he will give you a receipt same time.

What are your working hours?


Sun to Wed : 08:00am to 07:00pm
Thursday : 08:00am to 13:00pm
Friday : holiday

Do you work 7 days a week?

We are closed on Friday. However, Friday food will be delivered on Thursday afternoon.

Can I stop due to several reasons like travelling, sick, want to stop temporarily?

Yes, you may stop if you are travelling, sick, want a break or due to any other reason. You will be given those days if you inform our office 2 days in advance.

Will I lose those days?

No, you will not lose as those days will be added in your subscription.

What about refund policy?

If a customer cancels his/her subscription due to any reason, the refund for balance days will be made after deduction of 1 week subscription as procedural and documentation charges. If subscription is less than I week, no refund will be made. Registration fees are non refundable. All refunds will be done by cheque only within 2 weeks of time.

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