Benefiting from our membership program, you can plan ahead the week or month with your dietitian through a wide variety of healthy diet food. Ask for your membership. Start your diet now through one of our membership offers, plus a complete body analysis and follow ups every two weeks.

We at Health Watchers, listen care and knew what it takes to get motivated. Let us help you make the best plans for the results you need. Our Dietitians will elaborate the program that fits your nutritional needs.

After working your way through a successful diet program, you will remain both healthy and slim. Rest assured that Health Watchers Dietitians will help you avoid those disappointing lose weight – gain weight cycles. Day after day, we help you build your own plan for a healthy life style.

Make the right changes…watch you progress

This is the point where you feel that a change in your life style is necessary. Health Watchers Dietitians will help you take action and make the first step: control food intake, reduce weight and maintain ideal shape. Its all about eating healthier.

Instead of this.. * Kcal
1 servings of french fry [140g] 508
1 broasted chicken 267
1 bagle bread 200
canned juice 165
1 chocolate bar 529
1 carrot cake 196
'pain au chocolate' 278
beef and beans burritos 786
taco salad 631
1 chocolate mousse 445
pizza 3 cheese 400
3 tablespoons of oil 405
1 table spoon mayonnaise 100
quiche-loraine 600
1 beef burger 560
The Health Watchers way! Kcal
1 steamed potato [140g] 126
1 broasted chicken Health Watchers 197
1 bagle bread Health Watchers 130
1 fresh orange juice 096
1 chocolate sable Health Watchers 156
1 carrot cake Health Watchers 089
Health Watchers croissant 186
beef and beans burritos Health Watchers 221
Health Watchers Taco Salad 300
1 chocolate mousse Health Watchers 075
pizza 3 cheese Health Watchers 280
1 mustard dressing Health Watchers 027
light mayo sauce Health Watchers 032
quiche-loraine Health Watchers 239
1 beef burger Health Watchers 330
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